We make rum, gin and vodka

and we are Black Collar.

People say our spirits are pretty good and we’ve even got a few medals from some quite serious worldwide spirits competitions. We’re Bay of Islands based and fully available nationwide at all good liquor stores.


Black Collar Distillery is based in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. A three hour drive north of Auckland on the East coast, you’ll find 144 islands between Cape Brett and the Purerua Peninsula. It’s an area of outstanding beauty with a subtropical climate, undeveloped beaches, big game fishing and a rich cultural history.

Frankie - our pot still

The beating heart of Black Collar is our copper pot still called Frankie. Frankie is the real workhorse of the distillery - handmade, fully copper and gorgeous. Frankie works hard day and night and produces smooth, natural tasting spirits that we're proud of.

Frankie is old school. There's no flash automated distilling settings or computer programs. It's Frankie and the distiller constantly fine tuning the flow of alcohol to capture just what we want from the run to turn into our award winning spirits.

In the near future, we’re going to be upgrading Frankie to keep up with demand! If you would like to help us out with suggesting a name for our new pot still, register your details on our mailing list and we’ll keep you updated!

The whole house gets excited when a Black Collar delivery comes.
Your gin is exquisite. Thank you.
Such nice rum, sooo easy to drink, very smooth.
Really loving Black Collar Gin. Ordering more shortly
Thanks for keep us strong in lockdown, love your work.
Black Collar Rum is beautifffful! Just received it this morning
Thanks for being part of my Coronaday holidays. All your stuff is amazing
Black Collar has to rate as one of our favourites
You guys are legends, overnight delivery !!

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