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Black Collar Limited Edition Gin - winter
Limited Edition

Black Collar Limited Edition Gin - winter

It's here finally, the third release of a four part gin maze series!

Our winter gin maze release was so close to launch and then covid hit once again closing down NZ. Our printers were shut and we were forced to delay the launch but it's finally here and ready for you.

Our third edition gin maze brings you some summer sunshine on wet winter days. Light, floral notes and a hint of rose from petals carefully selected and preserved to retain their summer flavour. Enjoy with premium tonic or soda, garnish with citrus.

We released our first limited edition gin in winter 2018 and it very quickly sold out. We loved it and our Black Collar fans loved it even more. It was just a shame we didn’t make more of it! But that’s what a limited edition batch is all about – fresh flavours, small batches and for us, getting creative.

Gin is so versatile, the taste dramatically changes by simply switching tonics, mixing with fresh juice or adding a different garnish. We wanted our next limited gin to be the first in a series that will take you on a flavour journey and help you to seek out new ways to enjoy gin.

A maze is a challenging but rewarding way to reach a goal and we wanted to represent this in our new gin series. Our unique new label with a maze in the text shows the complex flavour path the gin takes you on. We wanted our series label to be fresh, new and different to reflect the gin and we’re excited to launch.

Released each season, Black Collar will take you on a journey full of flavour and depth with its 2021 Gin Maze series. The batches will be small but we’re holding nothing back - the flavours are big and the creativity even bigger.

We’ve challenged ourselves to bring you new and exciting flavours and hope that you’re ready to join us for this year of gin.


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