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Black Collar Rum

Black Collar Rum

Pure as hell!

Fermented, pot distilled and aged in the Bay of Islands. Our pure as hell Black Collar Rum has tasting notes of vanilla, caramel and butterscotch with a hint of smokey char from the oak.

The Bay of Islands has a strong and plentiful rum history. Thousands of rum casks were unloaded and consumed in the Bay of Islands in the 1800s. The Bay has been a sailor’s safe haven for centuries and we’re continuing this long established tradition with Black Collar Rum.

Produced at our distillery in the Bay of Islands, Black Collar Rum is a small batch, light golden rum. Pot distilled, then aged in oak to give it smoothness and just the right amounts of charred wood flavour notes.

You’ll find notes of vanilla, caramel, butterscotch with just a hint of charred oak. Black Collar Rum is smooth enough to be poured neat or complement your favourite mixers and cocktails.

We proof our rum to 38.5% ABV and bottle by hand at our distillery.


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$ 59.95 NZD

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